Monday, 3 October 2011


We had a lovely family night.....I'm exhausted though! 
we started when we got home from school with a snack and an episode of 'veggie tales' from youtube.  Then we iced Belgium bun that i had previously baked:

We got all sticky!  the kids loved it. 
We then had a lesson on 'what we look after'. 
After dinner we fed the chicken a special FHE 'mixture'.  (Joseph is very into making mixtures,collections and potions).  And then we went to the Duck Pond to feed the ducks and collect conkers. 
Then it was home for a bath.  We put food colouring in the bath to make it more fun.  Then we went into our normal bed time routine.  A great night!


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Family Home Evening

I have always known that our prophets have been inspired to direct us to set aside one night a week as family night (usually Monday nights as no church meetings are held on this day).  About a year ago I made the mistake of booking my sons swimming lessons on Mondays.  I rationalised it, thinking that because it was only half an hour long it wouldn't effect family night.  But it has.  SO....A family night revolution is about to happen in this house!!  I've booked the swimming lessons for another night now.
I'm really excited about doing proper family nights from now on.  My mind has loads of ideas floating around just waiting to be put to into action!  I'm really determined that the whole evening will be family night, from the minute we get through the door, including dinner and bath time all the way up to bedtime. 
I know I could be setting myself up for a disaster!  High expectations are often the first step to disappointment, but I'm not discouraged....just hopeful!
So watch this space!  I'll blog on Monday night after the kids are asleep.  Will it be great, or disastrous?!!

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